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Choose the right leather jacket is not easy

As a tip I want to give you the following:
During your search for a warm winter jacket, I always advise everyone to choose a jacket with a hood. Unfortunately we live in a country where rain can fall every day, even without prior warning!  If you have chosen a women leather jacket that has a hood, you don’t have to worry about this. You just pull the hat over your head!
Of course you have to make sure that the jacket you buy is also waterproof. Fortunately, this is often the case with most winter coats, but just to be sure, you can always ask a store employee or by calling the telephone number listed on the webshop.
Then there is now only 1 thing I can tell you:
I wish you a warm winter!


Ladies Jackets & Coats for the cold winter

As soon as the winter is coming, we all think the same: Brrr how cold it is!
Actually it is not necessary to be cold in the winter. There are enough ways to keep yourself nice and warm with an warm jacket or coat!
Today you are going to read some tips about keeping yourself warm. Because let’s be honest, who wants to be cold?

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If you do it then do it right! To start with, it is always handy to put on a shirt or top underneath your clothing in the winter. This way you already have the first layer of protection in order. After all, every layer of clothing filters the heat away bit by bit.  On to step 2! When you have the first heat layer in order, it’s time to go to the second layer. Pack a nice warm shop2fashion jacket or coat is also allowed but I think that is a lot colder than a nice pants, which is preferably also slightly lined.


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Then open your wardrobe and look for a nice sweater that is not too loose.
When you wear clothing that is loose, you leave unnecessary space between your body and the dust in which the cold can nestle.
Cold tip: If you are a true cold, it might also be a good idea to put on a shirt (with long sleeves) between the shirt or the top and the sweater!
On the way out If you go out in the winter it is not only your clothes but also your jacket that keeps you warm.  So look on the internet for “winter coats ladies” and choose the warmest winter coat you can find!
If you also want to go a bit with today’s fashion, you can also look specifically for coats with fur collar ladies.  This is because, again this year, very fashionable and not only keeps your body but also your neck nice and warm.