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This is how you make contact with your guides

A guide is an energy that is near you throughout your life. To protect, advise and guide you. Guides are often souls you already know from previous lives. Curious? Find out how to get to know your guides better.

Overarching energy

What is the difference between angels and guides? Angels are light beings who (usually) do not live or have lived on earth. Guides are souls who are not in embodiment at the moment. So that can be both young and old souls. Everyone has one permanent guide and several guides who support you in what you experience in this life, such as: love, work and study. Angels are also there to protect you and provide insights, but they are an overarching energy. You call on angels or ask a specific question, while guides assist you daily. All nice and nice, but who are the guides then? How do you know they are with you? And how do you communicate with them?

To communicate

Your guides are there. Always. You don’t have to get a tarot card reading for that. They communicate with you. Through promptings, dreams or through someone you are talking to. You get the messages that are important to you, but sometimes you are not open to them. If grief makes you less open to promptings, try making more tangible contact. Ask your guides for a sign that they are there. They can make their presence palpable by a pinch in your side, a hand on your shoulder, presence in a dream or a breath of wind through your hair. Feel free to talk to your guides. That can be in mind, but also out loud.

Automatic writing

Would you rather write a message to your guides? Then wait for response. Close your eyes and rest your hand on the paper with a pen. Don’t be shocked by the movement. You do that yourself: you (unconsciously) write down an intuition. Open your eyes and read what it says. Can you do something with it? If you find it nerve-racking or don’t feel good, stop. Do not hesitate to ask for protection in these situations and trust that you will get it. A great time to do this is when you are just awake. Then it is probably light outside and your energy is also lighter, making it easier to make contact. Do not hesitate to ask your guides, they love to have direct contact with you.

Get help from a medium

Want to get in contact with your guide but need a little help? A spiritual medium might be for you. When the mediums tunes into someone, they usually find between 4 and 8 Spirit Guides. Use the reading to connect more deeply with your spirit guides, learn their identities and discover their specific roles to support you in your current incarnation. Receive messages that they wish to share with you now and learn how each guide connects with you energetically. It can be very empowering!