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The top 4 medical clothing trends of 2022

Is it time to purchase new medical scrubs? Are you looking for scrubs that will make you feel fabulous during those long and demanding hospital shifts? Keep reading to find out which trends have been making their way into the list of the top 5 scrub trends of 2022. 

1. Eco-friendly materials

These days a lot of people show more concern for the environment than ever before. As the damages of the fast fashion industry start becoming more obvious, people are also looking for alternatives in other types of attire, such as medical scrubs. Therefore, a lot of environmentally friendly scrubs attire are trending these days. 


Medical clothes have to be from high quality because they have to be worn often and for a long time. It is not profitable for a company to change every 4 months the clothes, therefor the quality must be good. Also the material has to offer protection for the skin. Often nurses and other medical employees work with liquids that can harm the skin. To prevent irritations on the skin the material has to be thick enough to prevent that the liquids leak through the fabric. Furthermore, all these materials have to be eco-friendly for example the Jaanuu scrubs meet the requirements. 

2. Colorful scrubs for women and men

Did you know that it is kinda basic for a company to only offer scrubs for women and men in a boring color like white or blue. Did you know that there are so many other medical clothing colors? Well now you do. The popular brands offer different scrub collections in different colors like yellow, red, pink, green, purple, khaki and also in multiple colors. It is definitely not necessary anymore to offer basic medical clothing as a company. 


Be create and show your unique brand colors in the scrubs and stand out! Probably your staff will also feel a lot better if they can wear more happier scrubs that fits in the company. And not only is this an option for the women in the company but also for the men. 


3. Personalize your scrubs

Another trend is to personalize the medical clothes. Sometimes it is not possible within a company to wear colorful scrubs. An option is to customize the scrubs with the company logo or with your name on it. This is possible due to embroidery or printing. Using embroidery is a very good option because it is possible to embroil almost everything on every spot at the clothes. Not only will this make the medical clothing unique but also customers or clients will recognize the clothing due tot the logo.  

4. Wear a scrub skirt or dress

Scrub pants, scrub skirts or scrub dresses, yes combine a bit! Why would you only wear a scrub pants if you can also wear a skirt or dress as a women or men. It is 2022 let’s forget the classic fits and start with other styling. Ask your employer if they can also order a dress or skirt in the same colors as the basic scrubs. And maybe you will feel immediacy better on the work floor.