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Solids Solutions Delft: Expert in powder characterisation and materials research

Solids Solutions Delft is a leading powder characterisation and materials research company. With a strong focus on innovative techniques and advanced equipment, Solids Solutions serves a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and chemical. In this article, we dive deeper into Solids Solutions Delft’s services and specialisations, with a special focus on their powder flow analyser and powder clumping study.

Solids Solutions

Solids Solutions Delft, based in the Netherlands, is a leading research institute specialising in the characterisation of powders, particles and materials. With a team of expert scientists and technicians, the company provides tailor-made solutions to various industrial challenges. Their extensive knowledge and use of advanced technologies make them a reliable partner for companies striving for optimal product performance and quality.

Innovative powder flow analyser

One of Solids Solutions Delft’s most advanced instruments is the powder flow analyzer. This device plays a crucial role in measuring and analysing the flow properties of powders. By understanding how powders behave during different production processes, companies can optimise their processes and avoid problems such as clogging or inconsistent dosing.

The powder flow analyser measures various parameters such as cohesion, coefficient of friction, and flow under different conditions. This data is essential for designing efficient production systems and improving product quality. Using this analyser, Solids Solutions Delft can provide detailed reports and recommendations, resulting in improved production efficiency and cost savings.

Powder clumping: A common problem

Powder caking is a common problem in various industries, where fine powder particles clump together to form larger agglomerates. This phenomenon can lead to equipment clogging, uneven dosing and reduced product quality. Solids Solutions Delft has extensive experience and expertise in investigating and solving clumping problems.

Using advanced analysis and characterisation techniques, Solids Solutions can identify the causes of clumping and propose effective solutions. These can range from adjustments in powder composition, the use of anti-clumping agents, to changes in production conditions. Their in-depth knowledge and customised solutions help companies ensure the consistency and quality of their products.

Wide scala of services

In addition to powder flow analysis and clumping analysis, Solids Solutions Delft offers a wide range of other services. This includes particle size analysis, surface analysis, and mechanical testing. Their laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment and their team continuously keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field. This comprehensive service enables them to offer a holistic approach to materials research and optimisation.