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Restock your shop with a vintage clothing bulk

Brasco, a vintage wholesale company for clothing suppliers, daily receives new vintage clothing that they place in bulk. The wholesale company has a team of buyers all over Europe and the United States of America, who collect the second-hand items for their assortment or for a request one of the customers made.

This is how a vintage clothing bulk is made

As already being said, Brasco daily receives second-hand vintage clothing they bulk. A bulk contains around the 100 kg of clothing. They contain the same type of clothing, such as jeans, tops, and jackets. But can also be mixed based on a century, for example: the 70s, 80s and 90s. But how does this vintage wholesale company for clothing suppliers, do this? Actually, it is quite easy. As soon as new vintage clothing arrives at their storage in Almere, The Netherlands, they start checking every single item on holes and stains. During this process, they start dividing the items based on what kind of item it is or which origin it has. When the big bag is full, they seal it off and it will be placed in their storage. Not only do they store the items they sell, but they also give smaller businesses the opportunity to have some storage. As a smaller vintage shop owner, you can rent a part of their storage to use for your own assortment. Their warehouse contains over 4.000 square meters of storage where you can place the clothing items you do not directly need.

Ask some more information about the possibilities

Are you looking for vintage clothing bulks or are you willing to rent a part of the warehouse? This vintage wholesale company for clothing suppliers is available to answer your questions. Go to their website to get more information about their company.