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Become an inspiring leader with this management training

Leadership, whether it be corporate leadership or personal leadership, is nowadays one of the most important aspects of one’s career as a manager. There are dozens, if not hundreds of courses and trainings available to help you invest in your leadership skills. However, most of these do not focus on you as a personal at all. PresenceAtWork has therefore developed a unique management training course that was created in order to help you tap into the capabilities you already have. Sign up for this fully embodied program to incorporate your head, heart and gut into a personal leadership style that will set you apart from any other manager.

Start your transformation from within

You are guaranteed of a future-proof leadership style with the management training by PresenceAtWork. These professionals are specialised in people transformation as they aim for higher vision leadership. If you believe that true transformation starts from within, count on these facilitators to help you on your way. By engaging with their body-centred assessment methodology, called ‘Leader Being Strength Indicator’, you will have a great start point for your leadership journey. By doing this, you will learn how you can lead from the natural strengths you already possess. Inspire your team and your peers with your authenticity in order to have them do the same.

Contact these facilitators to get started with your own training

At PresenceAtWork in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, you can choose from various courses and methods that enable you to develop your leadership skills in a personalised training sessions. Whether you wish to have your management training run in Dutch or in English, their facilitators are excited to help you get started on your journey. Do you wish to get started on the development of improvement of your personal leadership skills? Then, contact these professionals by either calling or send them an email with more information about you and your organisation.