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3 Easy ways to maintain a well-kept warehouse

It is easier than you might think to have a warehouse go into absolute chaos, order-wise. People who pick up orders are always coming and going, inventory gets replaced, and items that were taken by mistake have to be returned. There are so many actions occurring in a warehouse, all simultaneously, it can be hard to manage the order of things before it all goes wrong. 

Unfortunately, having a warehouse out of order will not fare well for the business at all. Things will not run as smoothly as they could and employees won’t be able to work efficiently. Customers will then also see the consequences of this as their orders might take longer to arrive. This will snowball into a bigger problem due to complaints and in the end, it is something every business owner using a warehouse wants to avoid. In this blog post, we have 3 easy and useful ways to maintain a well-kept warehouse.

Step one – Have a set place for everything

Creating a good layout for a warehouse is pretty difficult, but very necessary. A decent layout will make sure the production time is done quicker, and as well all know the production time in a warehouse is everything. A popular way of organization is the ABC method, this can be very effective in a warehouse as well. Using this method, the number of sales of a product will determine where on the shelves the product is placed. All A-products bring 80% of your turnover though it’s a small part of your stock. They are placed at a height that is easy to reach. B-products bring 15% of your turnover and make up 30% of your stock, these go on the bottom shelves and aren’t hard to get. The C-products bring 5% of your turnover and are 50% of your stock, they go on the top shelf where it is harder to reach because you don’t need them as often as the others.

Step two – Keep your inventory fresh and have enough space

It is important to determine what stock you have that is still needed and what you need to get rid of. If there are products that haven’t been selling well for a while, it might be time to discard them. If you still have some problems with a lack of space, you may need to get a mezzanine floor which you can easily find at This is a great solution for space because it creates a whole extra floor in your warehouse, and if there are times you have more than enough space, you can take the mezzanine floor down for another time.

Step three – Organize your inventory smartly

It’s essential to keep in mind the kinds of products you are storing in the warehouse while rearranging everything. If you organize your products in the warehouse in a non-optimal way, you are using a lot of space you may not need and creating future storage shortage problems.