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International seafreight and courier services

The estimated delivery time for the cheapest container transport to Asia may vary depending on the carrier and shipping method. According to, 123transport and logistic can deliver packages weighing less than 70 pounds in Asia within five business days. Parcel Monkey offers express courier services that can deliver packages to Asia in just 2-5 business days, but the cost may be higher. Easyship suggests that SF Express Economy Express is the cheapest shipping solution to China with an estimated delivery time of 7-16 business days. Calcurates states that the cheapest international shipping options can take up to 10 days, while faster couriers can deliver international packages in just one day. It is recommended to contact the specific carrier for more accurate delivery times based on your location and destination in Asia.

123transport and logistics is one of the courier services that offers the fastest delivery to Asia via air freight. According to their website, they provide 24/7 door-to-door delivery for urgent parcels or cargo around the world. However, the actual delivery time may vary depending on the destination and shipping method.

123transport and logistics as one of the top international road transport services offering weekend delivery, insurance, tracking and more. In addition, 123 lists transport and logistics from Asian shipping and logistics providers. It is recommended to check with each carrier for specific delivery times based on your location and destination in Asia. Yes, there may be additional fees or taxes when shipping to Asia. The specific fees and taxes depend on the destination country and the value of the goods being shipped. According to, importers must pay $2.22, $6.66 or $9.99 per shipment for an informal import (goods valued at $2,500 or less) and a formal import for goods valued more than $2,500. explains that tariffs or levies are taxes levied by governments on the value of imported products, including freight and insurance. Sellercloud mentions that when it comes to domestic shipping, there are typically no additional charges, but this may not apply to international shipments. Wise provides an example of how US import duties and taxes from China are calculated based on the cost of goods without shipping.