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Advantages of graffiti

Everyone thinks that graffiti is vandalism. Many of us see graffiti and only thing about the fact that it might be illegal instead of thinking about the piece of art. But that has changed in the last few years. Previously you found graffiti on the walls or subway trains. But in the last century graffiti has become more accepted. It has become a part of culture. Some people are still thinking it is vandalism, but there are a lot of people that sees the advantages of graffiti art.

Also the last century people became less interested in art. Younger people don’t go to museums and art exhibitions for fun. Well-worked graffiti helps to redress this problem by bringing art directly to the public. If there is a nice graffiti art at the walls on the street, everyone will see it and maybe they will be more interested in art.

Another advantage is that individuals get the freedom to express themselves with graffiti. All you need is paint sprayers and an idea. And then you can make every work of art you want. You can express an opinion or a political point and everybody will see it. It is also possible to make another piece of art and everybody can find his or her own message or meaning in it. The streets will look a lot nicer with graffiti everywhere. Old stones are not grey anymore.

So graffiti should be legal. Not the cool boys who paint their name or any nickname. But people who make serious work of arts. For example, a cartoon character or an animal. There are a lot of people who are very creative and can make beautiful creations on the walls. Maybe it is an idea to make special places where it is legal to make something with a top paint sprayer.