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A professional Christmas wholesale store for year-round holiday fun

Timstor has been a leader in Christmas wholesale decorations for many years. They offer a wide variety of Christmas villages and houses and have recently expanded their range with different types of figurines. These are perfect to decorate your store with during the holidays. Their kind employees, or Christmas elves as they call them, are always ready to provide you with additional information about all their products.

Classic or modern decorations

Each store has a quite different aesthetic and as a store owner you of course want the Christmas decorations from this wholesale specialist to fit that style. Timstor in Arendonk, Belgium, has understood that message loud and clear! Each year they put together a new assortment of products in different styles, colours and sizes. Do you prefer to go big with your decorations? Then the big nutcrackers or Santa Clauses will surely bring an impact when you put them in your shop window. Are you more a fan of more modern trinkets that you can spread out throughout your store so that your customers can feel the Christmas spirit all around them? Then the smaller figurines or lights might be more your style. Whatever your preferences may be, these Christmas wholesale specialists have exactly what you need. They offer the prettiest Christmas decorations in Belgium for a small price.

Discover all the coziness these products can bring

The holidays are often a pretty cold and dark time. Which is exactly why it is of such great importance to choose the right decorations. The many colourful lights and little gnomes bring warmth and coziness to your store and the neighbourhood. Spread out the magical Christmas spirit by buying the trinkets of this professional store. For more information about their range, you are welcome to call them at any time or send them an email with all of your questions.